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The "Garrett's Red Baron" (A.K.A. "Amazon Annie") Peacock Bass Jig hooked my personal best"
Priscilla Goss - Rio Tapera Brazil, January 2004
We arrived at camp and had found out that the prior weeks visitors had a good week fishing and had caught some big Peacock Bass over 15 pounds. We set out with high hopes to catching fish over 15 lbs and hopefully in the 20lb range. The order of the day was to throw the large top water lures and after 2 days without much luck our camp manager Garrett suggested we try the home made jigs that Klaus had made. At about 11:00 the following day I decided to try the jig since everything I had used was not working. On about my 10th cast with the jig I got a tremendous hit and I knew I had something big hooked. Our guide Carlos kept the boat out from the bank and away from logs as I struggled to reel this monster in. Carlos was yelling GRANDA GRANDA - reel reel reel as my arms began to tire. After 15 minutes the fish began to tire and not a moment too soon as I was quickly tiring myself. Once I had him to the surface, Carlos quickly netted him and the rest is history. It was the camp record until the final day when one of the others landed an 18 pounder and as you may have guessed, he used one of the famous jigs.



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