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About Us ...

Hello and welcome to the world of InterAngler LLC! My name is Garrett VeneKlasen, and I would like to tell you a little about myself and my company...
Fluent in both Spanish and Portuguese, I am a seasoned outdoor travel consultant, international angling specialist, explorer, outdoor writer, photographer, video producer, guide, and trip host with over 15 years of extensive travel and angling exploration throughout Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Panama, Nicaragua, Belize, Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala, the Bahamas, Mexico, Canada, Alaska, the Soviet Republic and the South Pacific.

I began my angling career trout fishing with my father in New Mexico and Colorado at the age of three. By fourteen I was spending my summers guiding clients on New Mexicoíís famous San Juan River. Immediately after graduating from college, I took on a managerial position at Manaka Lodge in the Venezuelan Amazon. I spent almost two years managing Manaka and was at the cutting edge of peacock bass fishing and Amazon exploratory angling when it first burst onto the International Angling scene in the late 1980s.

After my Venezuela work, I spent a summer guiding for the prestigious Bristol Bay Lodge in Alaska. At the age of twenty three I was hired by Frontiers International Travel and spent two years spanning the globe in search of exotic fishing destinations. While working at Frontiers, I spent a great deal of time exploring and introducing Brazilian peacock bass and Argentinian/Bolivian freshwater dorado fisheries to the International sport fishing community. I also extensively explored everywhere from the offshore waters of coastal Colombia, the flats of the Carribean and South Pacific, the rivers of Central America, to the Siberian coast in search of taimen.

After Frontiers, I spent two years working for the outdoor video production company, Barrett Productions. My television credits include host/writer of ESPNís Fly Fishing America and writer/director of TNNís North American Sportsman. Magazine feature article and still photography contributions include such publications as Field & Stream, Menís Journal, Grayís Sporting Journal, Fly Fisherman, The Angling Report, The Orvis News and the newly-released anthology, Travelerís Tales Brazil. .

I started InterAngler LLC back in 1995. I wanted to provide a unique full-service International outdoor travel agency that networks virtually all existing travel agents, international outfitters, lodges and guides to give you a concise, unbiased perspective (no one I know of did this back then and no one does this to date). Whether you are a fly, spin or casting angler interested in anything from peacock bass fishing in the Amazon to a tigerfish adventure in Zambia, I cross-examine all the different options and choose particular angling resources that best suit your personal criteria. You could say Iím sort of a "buyerís broker" for individuals looking for a specific International angling adventure. Thereís a lot of hacks in the business of outdoor travel. So-called "agents," "outfitters" and "guides" with limited travel experience and even less angling knowledge, who claim they know the inside and out of the international fishing game. These people try and sell you a particular angling destination, regardless of its track record or commonality with your particular expectations. I do your homework for you and help sort out the flack from the seed so to speak.

Iíve built this site to provide a resource for anglers interested in planning international fishing trips, as well as for those enthusiasts who just want to learn more about the fabulous world of international angling. Fishing and hunting are the heart and soul of my life. I am the quintessential outdoor fanatic. Iíll sleep on a bug infested pile of leaves and eat boiled piranhas for weeks at a time to find the Amazon angling "El Dorado"Ė or hunt elk for 20 consecutive days until Iíve wasted away to a mere shadow of my formal self!

Because of my past field experience, I know exactly where and when to find that fishing adventure of a lifetime. Unlike most other outdoor oriented travel agencies, my wife, Annie, and I personally host/guide many of our featured trips and provide unparalleled booking services and knowledge for the trips in which we do not participate directly. InterAngler LLC strives to exceed your angling expectations and Iííll go that extra mile to ensure that in the end, you choose a destination that best matches your particular interests.

Enjoy our articles, stories and information on accessing these remarkable fisheries and feel free to call me on my toll-free number at (888) 347-4329, should you have any questions. Perhaps we can fish together in the not-so-distant future!


Garrett VeneKlasen

Founder and President

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