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A Father and Son Story from their Brazil Fishing Trips.
  When I turned 40 my Dad took me on Garrett's Amazon fishing trip as a birthday trip just he and I. When my Dad said he was taking me down to Brazil to go Peacock Bass fishing I had to go find a map to see where Brazil was and go find a picture of a Peacock bass to see what one looked like! I was so excited to take such an exotic trip and exotic it was. Sleeping in floating tents right on the river filled with thousands of fish and a few caiman was exciting. Having time just with Dad was so great.
  I stunk it up fishing though. I threw my lure in every tree along the river but Garrett was patient and Dad and I and Garrett where laughing so hard at us trying to fish. We got better as time went on and I kept thinking about my son who loves to fish. I said to myself, " I gotta bring Kash back down here, he would be in heaven" and so I did just that, him and I came back as a celebration of him graduating high school.


Never in my life had I ever had so much fun than on my trips to Brazil. I was so nervous my first trip cuz I new if I could cast a good lure placement--at least into the water, I was in for the fight of my life with these hard fighting Peacocks. Kash is quite the fisherman and can cast a lure into any place he wants. He fell in love with fishing and fished all the time in the ponds here on the ranch and the rivers that border our property. My wife and I dealt with muddy boots and tackle boxes everywhere all his boyhood. When you have child it opens a place deep in your heart and you never knew you could love so deeply before they came around.

I loved watching Kash having the time of his life catching Peacocks down in Brazil. Every fish he caught I felt like I had caught too. To experience this with him was a time neither of us will ever forget. Thanks Garrett for the wonderful fishing experience.

Rob and Kash Display one of their tropies from Brazil

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